Access to market

Partnership with the European Union / CCI – Great Britain and Côte d’Ivoire

Consultations with European experts within the framework of the establishment of the partnership program with Great Britain, at the end of Brexit for the financing of a support program for Ivorian exporting companies with the Program for Commercial Partnerships with the United Kingdom UK Trade Partnerships Program, United Kingdom Trade Program (UKTP). Stakeholders: MINCOM et MIAIE.

Consultations with local and European experts from the EU and the Geneva International Trade Center (ICC) for support for exporting SMEs in the context of the implementation of the Support Program for Trade and Regional Integration (PACCIR). Stakeholders: Ministries of Trade and African Integration.

Implementation of economic and commercial partnerships with the Americas
1. Access to the Canadian market and bilateral trade relations with Canada :

  • Consultations with the TPO agency of Canada in the context of the formulation of partnership programs with Côte d’Ivoire for women exporters in the agri-food sector.

2. Access to the American market, lobby, and bilateral commercial relations with the USA:

  • Consultations with TPO Canada in the context of the formulation of a partnership program in Côte d’Ivoire for women exporters in the food industry ;
  • Access to the American market, lobbying, and commercial relations with the USA ;
  • AGOA implementation as an implementing agency, through the AGOA Resource Center and through AGOA ;
  • Consultations with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Commerce for recommendations to the Ivorian government to strengthen trade relations with the United States within the framework of preferential AGOA provisions until 2025.
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